How do I update MyChoicePad?

1. Tap the App Store icon to open it. The App Store can be found on the home screen of your iPad. 


2. Tap on 'Updates' to show all available updates for the apps you have installed on your iPad. Then tap the 'Update' button next to MyChoicePad.

3. You may now be asked for your iTunes password or e-mail address and password. Type them into the relevant fields and then tap the 'OK' button.

4. The MyChoicePad icon on your iPad's home screen will be greyed out and a status bar will appear on it. Below the icon, different messages will appear as the update completes, starting with 'Waiting', followed by 'Loading' and, finally, 'Installing.' When the status bar is filled and the app icon returns to normal, you will be able to use MyChoicePad.

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