How do I use a Grid?

When you first open MyChoicePad, you will see the "All Grids" icon in the middle at the bottom of the screen. This is where all the Grids in MyChoicePad are stored. There are a couple of features that it is important for you to get familiar with so that you are able to use the Grids with your user effectively. 

Sentence Bar

There is a sentence bar at the top of the screen in every grid. If you tap on any concept within the grid it will appear in the sentence bar and the spoken word will be played aloud. The sentence bar is designed so that either you or your user can build a sentence or communicate a message using the concepts in the grid.

You are able to delete the concepts that are in the sentence bar by tapping the delete icon or hide the sentence bar by tapping the up arrow.

Signing Video and Line Drawings

If you tap and hold a concept in a grid for a couple of seconds, it will come up with either the signing video or line drawing for that concept. This is an easy way for you and your user to access the Makaton signings.

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