How do I share a grid?

You can share grids via email or via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to nearby devices.
Devices need to be close together and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth need to be enabled on both devices, in order to use this option.

In order to share a grid, first go to 'All Grids' on the dashboard of the device you wish to send the grids from.


Then press on 'Select' on the top right, and tap on the grids you would like to share

Once you have selected the grids, tap on the sharing icon on the top left of the screen (a box with an arrow jumping out to the top) and select which method you would like to use. 
On the second device, a pop up message will appear. Tap on 'Yes' to save the grids and they will soon appear amongst your grids.
Easy peasy!


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