Using the ‘Family’ grid

A great idea is to adjust the grid to reflect the users family situation.  No sisters? go into edit mode - tap on sister and get rid of her! 2 brothers? pop into edit mode - tap the cross to add another concept, type in brother and tap to add.
Next - use the iPad to take photos of everyone in the family, pop to the MyChoicePad library and give each family member a staring role by adding their image into a MyChoicePad cell.  These can be quickly added to the ‘Family’ grid. This is a wonderful way for a MyChoicePad user to learn how to talk about their closest family members, and to learn the vocabulary ‘brother’ or ‘sister’.
Great for: MyChoicePad users who lack confidence starting off a conversation with new people they meet. Using the family words with photos provides an accessible way for the MyChoicePad user to introduce themselves. 


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