Using the 'Going' grid


This little grid is a starting place for the MyChoicePad user who might be up for experimenting with a little sentence making! 
One of our adult MyChoicePad users had this little grid customised for his needs and ended up using this one grid several times a day at College. Stuart did have his own personalised timetable at College, but he tends to seek reassurance and reminders, and so his key worker deleted everything but ‘where’ “I’ and ‘go’ - which Stuart likes to go into and use if he has got himself flustered. 
At the same college, this very grid was customised in a different way for Becca - who got photos of all her college classes put into this grid. She tended to like using the grid as a way of telling people what she’d been doing that day. When talking Becca simply doesn’t know where to start on giving a report, but with MyChoicePad she confidently ‘says’ things like ‘I go food tech’. Having MyChoicePad as a ‘prop’ has meant Becca is interacting with other people so much more now.  
Great for: MyChoicePad users who, given the reference point of the Makaton Symbols, can link two or more concepts together for early sentence making.
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