Using the ‘At Home’ grid


Jackie wrote in to tell us  about a game which her daughter Layla loved playing - and which resulted in Layla learning the Makaton signing for all 7 concepts in the ‘At Home’ collection. 
Jackie took a photo of their house, then of Layla’s bed, one of the dining room chairs, the washbasin in the downstairs loo and so on. The game was for Layla to match the photo showing on Mum’s phone, with the correct symbol on MyChoicePad. Layla loved getting the video to play - and it was remarkable how quickly she was copying the signing. They ended up expanding the collection of phone photos - so Layla was ‘generalising’ that for example ‘chair’ wasn’t just the dining room chair, but could refer to any sort of chair!
Great for: MyChoicePad users who are starting out on the signing journey. 


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